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Star Wars: The Battle Of Endor

Posted in Simulation by nordicnode on October 22, 2007
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For all of you Star Wars fanatics out there or even for you non Star Wars fanatics is an awesome game! The Battle of Endor is from The Return of the Jedi, based on the battle against the Second Death Star.

This is an easy to use, yet challenging, six stage flight simulation game (with joystick support) where your task is to fly your X-Wing through and shoot down the large amounts of TIE Fighters, Star Destroyers and TIE Interceptors protecting the cruisers and the Millennium Falcon. Once you have defeated all of these you are faced with Darth Vader’s ship, the Super Star Destroyer “Executor”.

The graphics are great with the classic Star Wars scrolling text to introduce you to the game while the in game graphics are 3D and the models almost exactly resemble the crafts from the Star Wars movie.

Download Star Wars: The Battle Of Endor

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