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Americas Army 2

Posted in Action,Simulation,Strategy by nordicnode on October 22, 2007
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Americas Army 2.0: Special Forces is an incredible freeware game where players play to reach green berret status by completing different missions from the Special Forces Assigment and Selection process.

Included in Americas Army 2.0 there are many different training missions to help the player get used to the controls in the game. You may train for the Weapons Specialist, Intelligence, Engineer, Communications, and Combat Medic roles.

In Americas Army network play or single play you can be a part of the highly trained team to go on various missions such as search and rescue, surveillance, reconnaissance and unconventianal warfare.

Weapons in Americas Army include the MP5SD6 Remington 870 shotgun, the AT4 (anti tank rocket) and BDM (for bunker demolition). It also includes the M4 Carbine (Picatinny rail mod system: mod system for attaching laser-aiming devices and sighting systems).

As a part of the American Army you are bound by the rules of a soldier; Honour, duty and integrity which is a great feature of the game showing that much time was spent in developing it. Another great feature is that mission completion not only based on who is defeated but also on team effort and how well they adheres to the terms of conduct.

Americas Army 2.0 is probably one of the best freeware games released with standards of and exceeding that of the latest war simulation games of today with its brilliant game play and outstanding 3D graphics, a great choice of download.

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Posted in Simulation by nordicnode on October 22, 2007
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The story is you’re in debt $50,000 and desperately need to make the cash. You turn to hacking to get yourself out of the red.

So how does this hacking game work? You have to find servers to hack into; you have to do port scans, password cracks, etc in order to obtain access. Once in you have to find what you’re looking for, delete log files and get out.

So if you’re a hacker: here’s something to keep you out of trouble but even if you’re not a hacker this hacking game is still pretty fun. It’s all the hacking fun you can imagine with no fear of being caught.

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Star Wars: The Battle Of Endor

Posted in Simulation by nordicnode on October 22, 2007
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For all of you Star Wars fanatics out there or even for you non Star Wars fanatics is an awesome game! The Battle of Endor is from The Return of the Jedi, based on the battle against the Second Death Star.

This is an easy to use, yet challenging, six stage flight simulation game (with joystick support) where your task is to fly your X-Wing through and shoot down the large amounts of TIE Fighters, Star Destroyers and TIE Interceptors protecting the cruisers and the Millennium Falcon. Once you have defeated all of these you are faced with Darth Vader’s ship, the Super Star Destroyer “Executor”.

The graphics are great with the classic Star Wars scrolling text to introduce you to the game while the in game graphics are 3D and the models almost exactly resemble the crafts from the Star Wars movie.

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