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Posted in Arcade by nordicnode on October 22, 2007
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The latest offering from the good folks at binaryzoo is Echoes, a downloadable game for Windows, and it is a manic, and I mean that, manic shooter. Before I get too far into this, let me quote from the games’ instructions: “if you may be effected by flashing lights then please set Screen FX to off.” The action in this game is fast, furious and very visually active. Their trademark neon graphics combined with the intense backgrounds may have an effect on some. Though, disclaimers aside, as someone who can have the graphics on full – this game is really, really cool.

Self confessedly “like Asteroids” and “a bit like Geometry Wars,” Echoes is part these and wholly its own. Starting off slow, you are given an entirely too brief introduction to the game where small glowing outlined “asteroids” slowly creep across the screen. Soon, you’ll reach level two, where slightly larger ones are introduced. Then larger, then larger. After that… well, I’ll leave that up to you to find out.

Although not evident in the initial running of the game, not only do you get points for shooting, shooting, shooting things, there are medals to win as well, called in game “trials”. These are displayed to you at the end of the game and can be recognized while in game by the large “ZOOT” (Zoo Trials) which flashes about the screen. There are ten of these trials to complete in each of the three difficulty settings and completion of them all will result in 100%.

As of the current download, online scoring is unavailable though, according to binaryzoo:

“The online score system will certainly happen. It is already coded and will be added as soon as our new website is finished. However the new site is being written by someone else and it is taking longer than I expected so I can’t honestly say when it will be available.”

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